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Business Advantages

KPMG Annual Cost Comparison Survey

Prince Edward Island routinely rates as one of the most competitive business cost locations for advanced software development in the annual cost comparison survey by KPMG. When compared to jurisdictions like San Francisco, Boston, Texas, New York City, Manchester, and others, Prince Edward Island generally scores a 30% savings in overall costs.

Prince Edward Island also rates well in workforce loyalty. On average employees in PEI remain with their company for 8.6 years, the highest retention rate in the country. Not having to repeatedly retrain staff or experience the ramp up period to full productivity is a definite benefit. Prince Edward Island also has the fewest number of lost work days per year.

The lower costs, coupled with incentive programs for eligible companies, mean your dollar will go further in PEI. Now you can put more money into the areas that need it most – developing and marketing your games and, ultimately, increasing your revenue stream and profit.

GamePlan believes in, and executes, a partnership approach with Prince Edward Island companies. We act as agents to bring other resources to the table to help companies foster relationships, develop great games, create new technologies, and grow their overall business.

Government Incentives

Prince Edward Island provides a video game labour rebate for approved companies and projects. The program provides a rebate on direct payroll costs, payable on a quarterly basis. This program is not tied to taxes and assists with cash flow. The claim process has been streamlined to make it extremely efficient so you can spend more time on creating great games, and less time on paperwork.

Video Game Labour Rebate

Game companies expanding their operations to Prince Edward Island may be eligible for our Video Game Labour Rebate (VGLR). This program provides game studios with a rebate against eligible production labour. Key features of the program include:


While Prince Edward Island’s size can be an obstacle in attracting larger companies, it is a definite advantage when it comes to dealing with Industry Partners.

Innovation PEIInnovation PEI has a strong working relationship with:


Prince Edward Island has a newly expanded commercial airport in Charlottetown. A summary of flight services from Charlottetown Airport include:

See for complete flight schedules and airlines that service PEI.